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  • 11.18.17 - (LUS) - December 2017 PBS Bid Award Summary

    The December 2017 PBS Bid is available for viewing in the Crew Portal via the PBS Award tab. Any Flight Attendant who has a question about his/her award or believes he/she may have received a mis-award should notify the Flight Attendant Bidding Resource Center (FABRC) at (800) 327-0117 Option 5 Read More
  • 11.17.17 - (LAA/LUS) - Remember November/Uniform Reaction Report Update

    It’s hard to believe that tomorrow will mark 24 years since APFA’s “cheery rebels” led a successful job action that shut down the nation’s largest airline for 4 days just prior to the busy holiday travel season. It may seem like ancient history in an industry that hasn’t seen a Read More
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Government Affairs

Having a strong voice in the Halls of Congress has never been more important for unions than it is today. Get political news, join the APFA Politicial Action Committee (PAC), and fight for labor!

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