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  • 3.05.15d

    LAA - Location Delay Incentive and Last Five (5) DaysCurrently, LAA Flight Attendants are still covered by the CLA’s Bid Line Guarantee and the Last 5 Days (L5D) pay protection provisions. JCBA pay protections will be implemented as soon as practicable; and, it has been identified as a priority for the Read More
  • 3.05.15c

    Events at LGA today remind us of the dangers of flying in this weather. Reports indicate that the Flight Attendants aboard the Delta MD-88 that skidded off the runway this morning were able to evacuate all of the passengers and crew safely. APFA commends their efforts and reminds all of Read More
  • 3.05.15b

    Over the past ten days I have heard from several LUS Flight Attendants who are frustrated and angry about the problems they’ve experienced with the implementation of the new scheduling systems. American’s performance here is inexcusable. The Company has known for months that the new programs – PBS, ETB, ISAP and Read More
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